Terri & Paul's Success Story For Seller's

We are really proud of the success we have had with an integrated Internet and Traditional advertising program.  Below you will find links to Internet Marketing Programs that have sold every one of these properties.  Not only do we put multiple photos at all of the major "Real Estate" sites...  but we create custom web pages for individual properties and submit these to search engines.  There is no more powerful method to convey value.. and create traffic for a property.. than the program we have created.  In addition to this internet program... we feature properties in "Dream Homes" magazine, the global edition of the "Wall Street Journal", Hollywood's "Daily Variety:... and target marketing such as "The Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association".  When we do conventional advertising... we reference the URL to get more information to the buyer.. where ever they are world wide.
* We regret that The virtual tour links... as well as the MLS links... on sold properties do expire

When a market is as tough as the current one is... great marketing is more important than every before.  This Murrieta Beauty was surrounded by short sales and REO bank Foreclosures... and inspite of that... we got a Premium Price... proof again that Marketing.... Strong Internet Marketing does make a difference in the results.  We've had over a dozen calls from Riverside County Appraisors... asking us if this sales price was a mistake!

This will be one of our favorite stories... and True Testimony that this marketing works.  A Saratoga Estates Equestrian Estate was on the market prior... with no results.  We listed it ... did the marketing and web page we do... had three offers on the property... and the buyer from Scottsdale Arizona... drove over to see this home and buy it... after finding it on Realtor.com... and following the links to the web page!

To sell in today's market a home must be priced right... and a Mission Bay View Beauty was an incredible opportunity. Even with a cracked slab... and a slow market... we sold this diamond in the rough with multiple offers.

And... if you want trails in your backyard... into a 1,600 Acre Regional Park... don't miss... Sycamore Ranch!  This is one of the best web pages I have done... with great links to "San Luis Rey River Park"... Very difficult escrow... but our clients got everything they wanted and had bargained for.  Multiple Offers... and a cash buyer!

Affordable Housing?... don't miss an Escondido Country Club Treasure!  Is what our cover page said.  This home had been on the market for six months with a family member out of area realtor.  We were referred by one of my students... listed the home and sold it in thee weeks with multiple offers.  I had not been shown more than three times in the prior six months!

2944 Klucewich Road... a Sunset Pointe Ocean View is a spectacular home in an equally spectacular setting.  We had a tough buyer... but the seller had an opportunity to "Steal a builder closeout"... if we could get the tough buyer closed.  We did... including creation of and recording of 3 appurtenant easements.

Notice that this marketing works no matter where the property is!  Here is a 765 F Avenue... and Coronado Condominium Charmer... that got three multiple offers within 10 days... when all are going on about how slow the market is.  Slow market... not when you bring this marketing to the table!

1934 Katie Court... a Brook Hills Traditional Beauty... was our third sale in Brook Hills... and an amazing story!  While being "beat up" about nothing in Brook Hills selling for anywhere near what we wanted... we generated three multiple offers... and the smart buyer grabbed Brook Hills Finest.  $50,000 over the top of the range... and at $412.24 per sq ft...  13.13% higher than the next highest comp that we sold.  During the negotiation... the neighborhood agent with competing offer... was arguing that nothing in Brook Hills would sell for over $302 per foot!  She lives two doors from the one we sold the prior year at $364.37 per foot.  These homes are excellent values... they are excellent homes... and they deserve the prices they are getting!

Truly one of the finest homes we have ever offered... beautifully built... and incredibly cared for... absolutely spotless... was 4158 La Canada... in lovely Rancho Fallbrook.  Four offers later... they were on their way to Chicago.

When one of my Students wanted me to sell their home in Perris... I balked... then reconsidered... and we listed 1057 Mako Lane in Perris, CA.  That decision is why all of our listings are now exposed to all of the MRMLS... not just San Diego County MLS.  Doubling our exposure on line... and reaching every real estate agent in Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange and LA Counties.  When the agents of Perris fought value range pricing... we sold it ourselves.

An incredible value provided by our motivated seller at Brook Hills Estates, delighted both our seller and the lucky new owner.

On the market for seven months with no activity... A Single Story Spectacular Custom Beauty in  Rancho Fallbrook enjoyed a private Community Owned Lake.... but lackluster marketing!   We were referred to the seller... and 59 days on the market sold it for more than the seller expected.  Every agent they had interviewed when changing brokers... told them it was over priced.  We told them the truth... and sold it for more!

A Darling Condo Beautiful Triana  at Quail Ridge is Truly Affordable... and sold in a heartbeat!  This level of marketing on less expensive homes truly causes the results to happen!  Multiple offers... and sold for the highest price yet for this model in Triana.

Well we've been hearing that the market was slower.  Couldn't tell it by the Single Story Doll House in  Beautiful Greenway Rise a wonderful Escondido Neighborhood.  We did all the on line bells and whistles... showings were slow... five other homes for sale in the same neighborhood... but after only six showings... we had multiple offers... and when ours closed... the other five were still on the market!

The Story I'll be telling for years is the home we just sold for one of my best friends... after his parents passed away.  An  Ocean View Classic Is the greatest testimonial to this marketing we'll ever have.   Appraised for $1,050,00... we offered it in a range of $1,050,000 to $1,250,876... did the Internet Marketing we do... Collected Offers for a week... and sold it for $1,310,000... $59,124 over the top of the range... with five competing buyers!

 A Terra Mar Beauty  Is just that... and of course it got multiple offers.  And... it sets the standard for great comps in Terra Mar.  With the same marketing as the $1,350,000 home below... this charmer "Stood Out" in MLS... at Realtor.com... on the Prudential Web site... & on it's own Web Page.  Our extra effort Always results in better results for our clients.

 A Brook Hills Estates Beauty  Is one the greatest success stories we've ever had.  Overcoming some inaccurate "comparable properties" and "lazy lackluster marketing" we recognized value and treated this community to what they deserved .  The most expensive home sold prior to our efforts in Brook Hills was $1,310,000... 5,328 sq. ft @ $245.87 per ft.  Our listing $1,350,000... 3,705 sq. ft @ $364.37 per sq. ft... a 48% differential in a homogeneous community within the same month.  Truly the first re-sale home in Brook Hills that got the price it deserved!

 A Carlsbad Treasure We sold them the home six years ago... three children later they wanted the new "Dream Home".  A contingent offer with a builder... and we got them multiple offers and a premium price on time to make the "Dream Home" transaction complete!  Notice the "Average Homes" get the same marketing as the "Spectacular Estates".   Our commitment to these kind of results is evident by the results!

 Single Story Paradise generated 7 offers!  What a yard!  Beautifully remodeled and combining RV parking... single story... tile roof... huge flat useable yard and wonderful neighborhood... it's no wonder the buyer was a real estate agent... recognizing the value and moving up in the same school district.

 Too Cute For Words but not too cute for great photos!  This 2 bedroom Designer Perfect "La Costa Del Sol" Condominium Presentation... not only sold this unit... at the top of the range... but sold the neighbor's as well... and prior to our marketing... the neighbor's unit was not getting any traffic!

 Truly Affordable Housing A rare commodity in "San Dieguito School District".  Yet... this three bedroom... beautifully remodeled "Jerez Court Townhome" provided just that!  Spotless and Designer Perfect... the virtual tour captured all... and the buyer was in love with it before she ever visited!

 Bonsall Treasure ... Certainly describes this unique combination of Panoramic View... yet flat useable land... and beautiful single story Custom Home... without the encumbrances of CC&R's.. rules and regulations.  Incredible value... incredibly unique... the web page made the most of what many agents told the seller was unsightly... result... three concurrent multiple offers!

 A Bonsall Estate ... enjoying an incredible view... total Privacy... and representing a spectacular Investment... this 6+ Acre Grove and Custom Home in wonderful "Hialeah Farms" Also enjoyed multiple offers... one from the next door neighbor... and the second from the new owner that found it on this web site!

 A Truly Affordable Home    Homes in this price range commonly receive little or no extra effort.  With the same marketing program we use for multi-million dollar homes.. it stood out!  Results in a slowing market... multiple offers... property sold before three other homes on the same street that were listed prior to ours.. and.. for more money!

 Cardiff By the Sea, Romantic... Ocean View Charmer  Was just that and more.  It was testimony to the power of this marketing.  Inventory building... market slowing down... everybody talking about that... and yet... multiple offers and in escrow within 3 weeks.  Property sold for more than the seller's ever thought it would sell for...and the sunset photo completely eliminated the "flap" about the telephone pole.

 This Hialeah Estate Beauty  Is one of our favorite Stories.  Listed several times with other brokers.. we listed the property.. sold it for more than if had been listed for weeks earlier.. Ran it in the Global Edition of the Wall Street Journal... and after eight offers... got the results no other brokers had accomplished.  Seller made more money... bought their new home with us... and have referred friends and relatives.  There is a reason we succeed.. we take care of our clients.. one at a time!

The Incredible 129.26 Acre Atlantis Ranch   We can honestly say we did more work on this listing than any we've ever had.  In escrow three times... fifteen offers... and it took a half day to show.  Actually showed the property over 50 times.  This was an incredible opportunity.. but the project size matched the opportunity size.  Not for everyone.. but boy oh boy.. did the buyer acquire a truly magnificent diamond in the rough!

260 Spring Creek Road... A San Marcos Beauty!  We Sold their first home for them... sold this one to them... then sold this one for them... and achieved multiple offer's high in the range... much to their delight... more money than they expected... and in less time than they expected.  When the market is hot.. and lazy agents are doing little to sell homes... that is the time when strong marketing will more than pay for itself.  Their brother in law's home was listed concurrently.. with another agent... and no activity.  They referred "the Escondido Treasure" below, to us... The properties closed within two weeks of each other.

 An Escondido Treasure  Referred by his Brother in Law... we listed this home after it being on the market for six months with few showings.. and no offers.  Free Standing web page.. all the bells and whistles on realtor.com... hosted lunch on broker caravan day... and we sold it with multiple offers for $11,000 more than the fixed price point it had been listed at... within a week.

 Beautiful Calavera Hills A repeat client... took offers for a week.. collected five... and sold the property for $30,000 more than the most recent comp of the same floorplan.  Web page...MLS file...Virtual tour... and realtor.com... all in place the first day of the listing... quality in photo work and copy... and a passion for excellence & results... yes you do get what you pay for :-)

 A Hidden La Costa Gem is an excellent example of the difference in our marketing.  In a market when homes were selling quickly with little effort from agents... we did all the bells & whistles.. took offers for one week... indicating to all buyers that we would only respond after the first week on the market.. and with Eleven offers... sold the property for $6,000 over the top of the "Range" and fully $30,000 more than the seller had hoped for.  Easy markets are when incredible marketing really pays off !

 Sunshine Mt. This will be one of our favorite success stories.  The home was listed for six months with another realtor... no offers.. and the realtor wanted to lower the price to a range topping at $1,000,000.  We listed the home.. did this web page.. placed it in the Global Wall Street Journal.. seven offers twice we had multiple offers on the table .. and it sold for the exact top of the original range.. $1,150,876.  The most expensive home sold in San Marcos this year.

 Bonsall Paradise is what I called this page... and it is.  The out of area buyer... saw the web page... drove down from LA for the day... walked into a local real estate office and was told they wouldn't like the property... but were free to drive by and check it out.  They called us... and are now wonderful neighbors.

 Sage Road We sold this some time ago.. but having moved ISP's and hosting.. it has been lurking out there.  Truly one of the most beautiful homes we have ever sold.. and it did have multiple offers.  New owners from CT don't miss the winters. :-)

 The Historic Tipton Ranch  This is the success story I think we are most proud of.  The property had been on the market for six months.. with only one real prospect showing.  A satisfied prior client referred us to the Sellers.  We created the web page.. e-mailed it to newspaper editors in the area.. referencing the historic nature of the property.  The North County Times.. ran an article about the marketing of a historic property with internet technology.. and a buyer that was not even in the housing market.. but loved history... looked at the property the day the article ran.. and bought it.

 Raw Land Building Sites Are typically marketed with signs on the lot and classified advertising... and no photos.  We do full web pages...quality photo work... and links to plat maps... aerial views... and neighborhood amenities... and of course they are shown more... and sell! The photos and html for this web site were lost in a move to a new server recently

 1491 N. Stagecoach, Fallbrook   An agent referral listing.. that had been on the market unsuccessfully with another agent.  The buyer told us that they specifically considered this home because of the value range pricing.  We had multiple out of state inquiries from the web page.

 31369 Eagles Perch   had been on the market with another company and we had shown the property several times.  It is a beautiful home that we thought was one of the best buys in Bonsall.  We listed the property, created the web page.. ran it in "Dream Homes" featuring the URL to the web site.  We received multiple offers on the property and sold it "Cash" for $525,000.

 Lilac Road, Valley Center   We created this page for a raw land listing.. typically they don't even get a photo in the MLS.  We e-mailed the web page to spec builders in the area.. and sold it at the top of the range... with multiple offers... in less than a week.  Average time on the market for raw land in this area..is over 180 days.

 2891 Los Alisos Drive, Fallbrook This was the First Property we combined the web page and Dream Homes magazine with.  We ran this on the cover of the San Diego Union Tribune home section and had 108 phone calls.  The property had been on the market prior, with another agent/company, without any offers.  We sold the property with Multiple offers... and unfortunately... I overwrote the file with another property.... If you love on line... you'll understand. :-(

 3585 Fairview Circle, Bonsall/Vista This is an incredible testimony to the program as well as one to Value Range Marketing.  This property had been on the market with another agent and was not being shown.  We listed the property, created the web page, shot the distant view photo from the roof of a neighbor's home, and began to think of where we would find buyers that appreciated a 50' heated, air conditioned motor home garage.  We joined the Family Motor Coach Association, as commercial members, and linked our page to theirs.  The buyer from Nashville... wrote the offer from photos on the internet and flew out to approve of the home.  They wrote the offer at the top end of the range because it was clear... once we found the right buyer.. that the home was offered less than replacement costs.. at the top end of the range.  The buyer saw the value and bought it before some one else did.

 6447 Via De La Reina, Hialeah Estates, Bonsall Tremendous location and a great house that needed extensive updating.  Range was $400,000 to $490,000 and the property sold for $470,000 to the 13th offer we received on it.  There were three offers on the table at the same time when the property went under contract.

 Sunrise Hills Ranch, Valley Center, Calif. This Mountain top 36 Acre Estate had been on the market for over 5 years.  Listed with several other brokers the property had not had an offer.  We listed it, created the web page, and placed it in the Global Edition of the Wall Street Journal.  Four responses... one from Great Britain... Florida, Arizona, and Palm Springs.  Three of these actually came to inspect the property and we sold it with Multiple Offers.  The property had been offered for 5 years at $750,000.  We used Value Range Marketing $649,900 to $748,876 and the property sold for $720,000.  For a property to be on the market for that length of time and sell for 96% of the original asking price is incredible.

 3330 Oliphant Street, Point Loma, San Diego Calif. This proves you don't have to be the neighborhood realtor... and that this program works for rural estates to Bay Front urban palaces.  Dream Homes Magazine and the Global edition of the Wall Street Journal came through again.  Buyers from Great Britain to Singapore actually came to see the home.  While we did not get multiple offers on this one.  We sold it in the middle of the price range... both buyer and sellers delighted.

For a detailed explanation of how we are combining Value Range Marketing, Internet, Dream Homes, and Global edition of the Wall Street Journal... to get these results.. please contact:  Terri and Paul Guess , Associate Brokers, Prudential California Realty.  527 Encinitas Blvd., Suite 100, Encinitas, CA 92024  Phone: (760) NEW-HOME (630-4663) or FAX (760)940-6329

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