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Ask any Realtor you meet for 50+ prior clients that you may ask any question of you want!

Many times you will find Testimonials from selected clients on a realtor's web site. Our approach is different... just as it is with our marketing.  The way that you know what a person is "Truly Committed To" is by the results.  Below is a list of some of our prior clients and behind each name is a link to their e-mail.  Contact any of them... or all of them.  Ask them anything you want about the service we provided them.  Our commitment is to achieving our clients goals!  We don't sell real estate... we do "Agency"... we represent others... at their request and with their permission to... apply our talents, knowledge, experience, thought processes, work ethic and physical assets in the achievement of their goal.  We are not interested in a "deal"... we are interested in lifetime clients.  We call our approach "Excellence in Agency"... and whether you are Selling or Buying... we have the proof of our commitment!

These are in a random order... not in order of how pleased they were :-)... date of sale... value... or any other criteria.  To Protect the privacy of our clients from "spammers" a "(remove this)" text link has been added to each e-mail.  When you click on the name... your e-mail software will insert a valid e-mail address preceded by (remove this).  Delete from the address the "(remove this)" and you will be able to send e-mail to any or all of these.

Michael and Renee Bohn  Sold them their first home in Oceanside... then Sold that home for them when they moved to Washington... Will work with them again... hoping they move back. :-)   Met Mike on the Internet.  Sold them their new home in Rancho Penasquitos... and Renee has her own business now... check out Pampered Chef Renee :-)

Paul and Julie Lorson  Sold their Vista home, Sold them a new San Marcos home, Sold that home, Sold them their current Escondido home. Met them originally off of the Internet... have referred us to family members.

Ken and Shelly Scott  Sold their Beautiful San Marcos Estate when they moved to Oregon... if I had to pick a client that would brag the most.. Ken might be the one!

Chris and Gayle Diggons Sold them their first home in Fallbrook, Sold that home for them when they moved to Missouri.  They were referred to us by a friend at Pendleton who we did several transactions with.

Dody Worrall   Sold her home in Cardiff By the Sea ... Referred to us by an agent that had worked with us... and left the Industry... her friend told her we'd take great care of her.. ask her if we did :-)

Mike and Margaret Makely  Sold them a beautiful home in Rancho Santa Fe... met them off of the Internet... Mike has referred us to employees.

Dan and Susan Loeffler  Referred to us by Paul and Julie above... we Sold their Escondido home.

Steve and Margaret Chernicky  Sold their Bonsall home...with multiple offers...  Sold them their new Fallbrook home... met them as neighbors... they have referred us to friends.

George Backes  His home was on the market... not getting activity.  Another agent referred us to George and we did A Free Standing Web Page.  .... Sold!  We have had more hits on his web page than any we've ever created.  Wonder if this works... go to http://www.google.com and search "Fallbrook Estate"  ... use the quotation marks for the exact text string :-)

Doug and Marian GuySold their Bonsall home... Sold their De Luz Ranch, met them as neighbors... they have referred us to family.

Greg and Nancy Maynard   Sold their rental in Oceanside.  Sold them a beautiful new home in Valley Center.  Greg was a friend of my best friend from College... dates back a while :-)

Karla Palmer and Paul Iezzi  Sold them their first home in Oceanside.  Referred to us by their friend who had been referred to us by a co-worker.

Art and Carol GodsonSold their Bonsall home when they moved to Oregon, Sold their daughter's home a couple of years later.  Met Art from mailing we did on Internet Marketing... when I met him ... he could not say "Realtor" without accompanying expletives :-)  Buyer wrote offer from Web Site... then flew here to see the home.

Al Oehlke  Sold his Vista home for him when he moved to Texas.  Referred to us by Art Godson above... who mentioned our name without expletives. :-)

Burl and Anne Jordan  Sold them their first home in Vista... great landscaper.. referred business to them.. and they've referred business to us.  Met Burl off of realtor.com  he bought Al Oehlke's home above.

Bob and Gale Pruitt   Were listed with anther brokerage for six months.   Told their home was way overpriced.  But a friend from Church told them about us... and the "Tipton Ranch" Success story was the result.

Gerry Odegaard  Our first next door neighbor in Hialeah.  Had to take his place on the HOA Board to get the listing.  Did our first Bonsall Home Free Standing Web Page... and in a slow market... generated 13 offers on the property.

Drew Efimoff He walked into our office... said his Mom in Wyoming was a broker... and he wanted to work with a broker... not just a licensed salesperson... we asked if two brokers would do?  Sold him his first home in Leucadia... Sold him his next home in La Costa... Sold him his next home in San Marcos... and sold him his current home in La Costa.  Was his Mentor when he joined our office... and now he has a thriving Real Estate Business as well. :-)

John and Rachel Rott Sold their "La Costa Gem"... Sold them beautiful new home in Vista.  John was referred to us by his cousin who has done many transactions with us.

Malcom and Carrole Bratton  Sold them their first California home in Carlsbad...then Sold for them their next home in Carlsbad.  Met them off of the Internet.

Linn and Wes Moss  Their spectacular estate... Sunrise Ranch had been on the market for more than a year and a half... with multiple other brokers.  We listed the property... did a free standing web page... ran it globally in the Wall Street Journal... and Sold it with multiple offers.  A year later had request to use one of our photos from a greeting card company.

Walt and Carol Zytko  Sold them a home ... in Solana Beach.. met Walt on the Internet.  They don't miss Nebraska.

Robin and Bob Iveson  Met them from our web page... showed them homes for a couple of years on each visit to San Diego... Sold them a lovely home in Vista... and enjoy their company often.

Annie Ory  Was her Mentor when she joined our office years ago.  Helped her buy income property when she prospered doing something she loved more than real estate :-)

Pete and Connie Pira  Sold their Vista home for them... and Sold them their new Oceanside home.  They were referred to us by their son who bought his first home with us.

Carl and Stephanie Pira  Sold them their first home in Vista... met them at an Open House... and they referred us to his Dad above.

Andy Millea and Mary Khuu  Sold them a beautiful home in Valley Center... met them off of the Internet... now helping Andy's folks find a home nearby.

James and Misheal Moiola  Sold them their first home in Carlsbad... Referred to us by an agent that used to work with us.  Have been lucky enough to hunt with Jim and his Dad since.

Lois and Rich Nicholson  Sold them a Toscana Beauty.  Met them off of the internet and have become close friends.

Phil and Pat Denniston  Sold them a spectacular View home in Leucadia when they moved here from Texas... met them when they responded to a Wall Street Journal ad for "Sunshine Mountain".

Terry and Gerry Grant  Sold them their first California home in San Marcos.  Referred to us by a prior client... and prior Dean of the School of Business at CSUSM... where Terry teaches.

Mia Hanley  Sold her her first home in Oceanside... Referred to us by Gabe a co-worker that we have sold a home to... and enjoyed multiple referrals from.

Chris and Linda Olsen  Sold them a Sycamore Ranch beauty when they moved to San Diego...met them off of the Internet.  Sold this home for them when they moved to be closer to grandchildren.

Steve and Janis Harvey  Sold their home in Hialeah Estates when they moved to Georgia... met them as neighbors.

Jan and Bob Taylor  Sold their Fallbrook beauty (with probably one of the best photos I've ever taken) when they moved to Georgia... showed their home so much when it was listed with a prior agent... that they hired us when it expired.  Was the second free standing web page I'd ever done... we have been amazed at the web traffic it generated.

Darius Boman and Anne Mahl  Sold them their first California home in Oceanside.. when they moved here from Texas.  Sold the home for them when they moved back to Texas.  A year later on vacation here.. they were referring us to strangers they met on the beach.  Met them off of the Internet.

George and Cathy Crofts  Sold their first home for them in Mira Costa Estates.  Sold them their next home in Mira Costa Estates.  Sold that home for them when they moved to Carmel Valley.  Have enjoyed many referrals from them over the years.  Met them at realtor expo in Carlsbad Mall.  George liked my computer stuff :-)

Bill and Mary Wurch  Sold them a Hialeah Estates treasure... that they found on our web site and drove down from Orange County to see.  Now we are on the Board of the HOA together.  Our seller on this property... the trustee of the estate... passed away during the escrow... and the removal of the underground storage tanks took over six months... this was a study in Dual Agency. :-)  Mary said I could only use their contact information ... if I mentioned I showed up to show them the home.. on my tractor... :-)

Tom and Dana Knight  Wow what a client... Sold them their first home in Encinitas... someone knocked on the door and made them an offer they could not refuse (it wasn't for sale)... so we Sold them their second home in Encinitas... then Sold that one for them when they bought in Carmel Valley... they were referred to us from Dana's Mom... who used to work with us in our office.  They have referred many people to us including Dana's cousin.

Gerhard and Coralie Mueller  Sold them a Poway beauty when they retired here... referred to us by the Dean of the School of Business at CSUSM.

Dave and Katarina Clark  Sold them a Poway Beauty too... they found our web site and wanted help moving here from New York State.

Bob and Luanna Green  Sold them a lovely Fallbrook home... after they found us on realtor.com.

John and Mary Vancelette  Sold them their first home in Oceanside... close to 18 months after Mary's Mom called on one or our Ads... trying to help them find home.  Several years later.. sold Mom's house for them too... and they've been referring us business since we met them.

Carla and Mike Potts  Sold them their first home in Vista.  They converted it to a rental.. and we Sold them their Second home in Oceanside.  Only client we've ever gotten from a classified ad in the newspaper.  They have been referring us for over 10 years. :-)

Kevin and Sandy Gerlock  Sold them a "Fallbrook Oaks" treasure when they moved from LA County.  They found us on the Internet

Dan and Darlene Beringhause  Sold them a Beautiful Fallbrook home... with the RV space :-)... after they found us on the Internet.

Pam and Wally Pitts  Sold them (  after more than 5 years of looking :-)  )  a lovely Fallbrook home... Pam's parents found us from a Newspaper photo ad.  We must have taken good care of her kids... because she referred friends from Great Britain that bought from us too.

Cammie and Louis Reynolds  Over a five year window.. showed Cammie more homes than any buyer we've ever worked with.  Sold them a "Rolling Hills" Beauty in Fallbrook... when they finally gave up Arizona.  She didn't like Fallbrook... now doesn't want to leave :-)  Enjoyed many referrals from them.

Henry and Mary Jo Ray  Sold their JB Ranch Beauty for them.. after they had been listed twice with unsuccessful realtors.. they called us .. because we'd shown it more than anyone.  Sold it from the realtor.com presentation.

Dick and Melinda Bus  Sold investment home for them in Escondido.  Shirt tail relatives that we love... defies the old adage about doing business with family.

Bill and Marcia Johnson  Sold their Beautiful Pt. Loma home to a Television Producer that found it on our web site.  Six months in Dream Homes...  but the web pulled through.  Bill's my Cousin... who introduced Terri and I... and another example of successfully doing business with Family.  When it was time to sell his parent's (Aunt Betty and Uncle John)  home... a Clairemont beauty... we did the same thing... with multiple offers!

Bill and Stephanie Stevenson  Fell in love with their home the minute I saw it.  Photo in Union Tribune generated 168 responses. Did the first free standing web page we ever did... were not sure how that would work... Results were our first sale in Fallbrook... and truly the reason we live in Bonsall today.  Property had been on the market with another realtor.... no activity.  We fixed that! :-)

As you can tell by the above... most of our business is referral.  There is a message there :-)  That portion of our business that is not referral ... is 95+% Internet.  There's another message in that statistic.  We love what we do... our clients do too.  Please contact us if we can be of assistance in any way.

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