Real Estate Principles Syllabus

Course Number:  RE 140      Section/Unit/Code: 5154
Units:  3.0        Wednesday Evening 7:00-9:50pm

Spring Semester 2007

Mt. San Jacinto Community College
Temecula Center-2 TC-2
Chapparal High School, Room 464
27215 Nicolas Road
Temecula, CA 92591

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Class Room:  Room 603

Contact with College:  Richard Collins, Dean of Instruction, Career Education & Categorical Programs.  (951)672-6752 x 1698 or (951)487-3430
Dean Collins Administrative Associate:  Jennifer Marrs (951)672-6752 x 1602

Instructor:  Paul Guess
   Associate Broker,
   Prudential California Realty

  Paul's Office:   527 Encinitas Blvd., Suite 100
     Encinitas, CA 92024
     (760) 634-4200   FAX (760) 943-0183

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Course Objective:  Provide an analysis of the principles of Real Estate in California; history of California real estate, property, contract, agency, listings, real estate financing, deeds, liens, encumbrances, escrows, title insurance, land descriptions, real estate mathematics, real estate licensing and state regulations.  Qualify and prepare students to sit for the State Real Estate Licensing Exam.

Text:  “California Real Estate Principles”, Walt Huber, 11th Edition, Available at Menifee campus bookstore and the San Jacinto campus bookstore.  ISBN 0-916772-07-1

Optional:  "How to Pass the California Real Estate Exam (and Dramatically improve your score)".  Available at bookstore but not required.  This is an excellent tool for refreshing yourself after the semester and prior to the State Exam.  ISBN 0-916-77217-9

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Class Outline

Week 1: January 24, 2007:  Introduction to the Class, Handle Logistics of registration, Begin Lecture on Chapter 1 “Introduction to Real Estate”.

Week 2: January 31, 2007: Logistics of Add/On Registration, Complete Lecture on Chapter 1.   Quiz on Chapter 1  “Introduction to Real Estate”, Begin lecture on Chapter 2, “Estates, Transfers and Titles".

Week 3: February 7, 2007:   Complete lecture on Chapter 2, Quiz on Chapter 2 "Estates, Transfers and Titles".  Begin Lecture on Chapter 3 “Encumbrances”, Quiz on Chapter 3  "Encumbrances".

Week 4: February 14, 2007: Lecture on Chapter 4 “Agency and Its Responsibilities”, Quiz on Chapter 4  "Agency and It's Responsibilities".

Week 5: February 21, 2007:   Lecture on Chapter 5 “Contracts”, Quiz on Chapter 5  "Contracts".

Week 6: February 28, 2007: Lecture on Chapter 6 “Landlord & Tenant (Lessor Lessee)”, Quiz on Chapter 6  "Landlord & Tenant".

Week 7:  March 7, 2007:  Lecture on Chapter 7 “Escrows & Title Insurance”, Quiz on Chapter 7  "Escrows and Title Insurance".

Week 8:  March 14, 2007:  Mid Term Review until Break – Mid Term Exam 2nd half of class.  Mid Term will cover Chapter's 1-7 only!

Week 9:  March 21, 2007: Lecture on Chapter 8 “Real Estate Finance”, Quiz on Chapter 8  "Real Estate Finance".

Week 10:  March 28, 2007:  Lecture on Chapter 9 "Financial Institutions", Quiz on Chapter 9  "Financial Institutions".

Week 11:  April 4, 2007No Class Tonight, Spring Break

Week 12:  April 11, 2007:  Lecture on Chapter 10 "Appraisal Basics", Quiz on Chapter 10  "Appraisal Basics".

Week 13:  April 18, 2007:  Lecture on Chapter 11 "Appraisal Methods". Quiz on Chapter 11  "Appraisal Methods".

Week 14:  April 25, 2007:   Lecture on Chapter 12 “Subdivision and Government Control”, Quiz on Chapter 12  "Subdivision and Government Control" .  Begin Lecture on Chapter 13 "Taxation of Real Estate"

Week 15:  May 2, 2007:  Complete Chapter 13 "Taxation of Real Estate", Quiz on Chapter 13  "Taxation of Real Estate".  Begin Lecture on Chapter 14 “Licensing, Education & Associations”, Quiz on Chapter 14  "Licensing, Education & Associations".

Week 16: May 9, 2007:  Complete Lecture on Chapter 14 “Licensing, Education & Associations”, Quiz on Chapter 14  "Licensing, Education & Associations".  Lecture on Chapter 15 “Real Estate Math”, Quiz on Chapter 15  "Real Estate Math".

Week 17: May 16, 2007:  Review of Entire Course for Final Exam

Week 18: May 23, 2007:   Final Exam

Final Grades will be posted to no later than May 31, 2007.  You may order a transcript of your grades from this site as well.

Assignment Schedule

Week 1: Get registered, get text, pay attention in class and take notes.

Week 2 Through Week 18:  Prior to coming to class: Read Assigned Text, complete “Terminology” at end of assigned Chapters, and complete “Multiple Choice” at end of assigned Chapters.  Visit all on-line sites from text and use the organization of the text to your benefit.  Know the Summary Pages.

For Example: Week 2, January 31, 2007:  Come to class having read Chapters 1 and 2, completed both “Terminology” and “Multiple Choice” for Chapters 1 & 2.

This approach will improve your ability to ask questions during lecture, will increase repetitive contact with the subject matter, will allow for time to do Mid Term Review and full class meeting for Final Exam Review.

 Grading Policy

15 Weekly exams, of 20 multiple-choice questions will be averaged and constitute 15% of your grade.  The mid-term, 50 multiple-choice questions will count as 25% of your final grade.  The Final Exam, 100 multiple-choice questions will constitute 60% of you grade.  Weekly exams, not made up, will be added into the total as zero.  Grading as follows: A = 100% - 90%, B = 89.9% - 80%, C = 79.9% - 70%, D = 69.9% - 60%, F = 59.9% or less.  You may only turn in weekly exams up to two weeks late.  If turned in later, I'll grade them for you but you will receive a zero for grading purposes.

Note:  If you do not do the non graded assignments at the end of each chapter… you are going to have a terrible surprise on the mid-term… and an uphill battle for the final.

Policy on Cheating

First Offense: An automatic “F” (Zero) on the assignment or examination in question and notification that a second occurrence will result in removal from the class.

Second Offense: Instructor drops student from class and notifies campus administrator of that action.

Attendance Policy

Two unexcused absences will be considered a drop.  Maximum number of excused absences (3) will require make up of the weekly exams.  The Instructor does not take responsibility for verifying that your add paperwork and fees have been handled correctly.  You must verify on the College Web site that you are added to the class if your were not originally enrolled.  The Instructor does not take responsibility for making sure your “drop” is handled as a drop.  If you decide to drop the class for any reason, it is your personal responsibility to make sure your records reflect accurately your decisionsWeekly Exams may only be turned in up to three weeks late.

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