Real Estate Job Interview Ideas

Back in 1992 I made up a 17 page list of questions that Terri and I used when we went on interviews.  I'm sorry now that I didn't keep it.  Every semester I have students ask me "What sort of things should I ask in an interview?" .  Well the main thing you want to feel comfortable about... is that the company truly appreciates the contribution you are going to make... and ... that they are going to make a training contribution to insure your success.  Your commission split when new is going to probably be 50/50.  That means the company is getting half of your commission... how much of that is going to be used to help you get started?

Personally I feel the greatest contribution is a Mentor Program.  Do they have one?  How are the Mentor's chosen.  How are the Mentor's compensated.  What happens if you are unhappy with your Mentor?  Our company gives 1/2 of the company dollar to the Mentors for the first three deals an agent does.  Ask to see the Mentors guidelines... and if you join the company... and the Mentor is not doing their job... fire them.  Go right to the Broker... tell them you refuse to contribute part of your commission to someone that is not doing their job!  But... I'm way ahead of myself.

Instead of re-inventing the Wheel... I went to Google... looked for "Real Estate Interview Questions"... and came up with some great links... so read through these.. take charge of your future!  Main thing is find a place where you will have fun... contributing excellence.

University of Cincinnati Real Estate Interview Good Contributed Article

Excellent list from Realty Times

Stringham Schools... very good list

Interviewing the Broker.. by Revealty  Read all the articles on this site...

Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents @

Hope these helped... do me a favor ... if you find more on line... drop me a note... I'll add them to this list... Paul

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