Local Research

This is the latest page we have added to our web site to provide information to anyone considering re-locating to our area. These are sites we have found on the internet that provide tremendous material. Please contact us if you have any questions, or suggestions for additions to this page. Keep in mind that the most useful information that we can provide is not in the form of files that can be attached as e-mail.

Anyone considering moving to California from out of state has probably wondered about Earthquakes. The USGS has an absolutely spectacular site with more Earthquake Information than you probably want :-) Enjoy the "So you're moving to Quake Country".

The County of San Diego has some excellent information on line - check out the parks section, and if you move here, join us in the San Diego County Parks Society.

The San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau has a wealth of information and a calendar of events that we hope you enjoy.

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