Bonsall / Fallbrook Area Weather

We do have four Seasons

Everyone knows Southern California has great Weather... but when you live in weather paradise... you start "splitting hairs" about who has the best.  So we'd like to set the record straight :-)  When we moved to Bonsall in 1997... we thought we were giving up Weather Paradise in La Costa ( Sunset Western Garden Book, Zone 24) for Solitude in Bonsall... at the sacrifice of Weather.  We were 100% wrong... Zone 23 is better!   Expert Gardeners  agree that the "Sunset Western Garden Book"  plant hardiness zones are the most accurate available.  You don't have to believe a real estate agent's opinion :-)  Here's "Sunset's" description of Bonsall Area Weather:

" ZONE 23 Thermal Belts of Southern California's Coastal Climate"  " This is one of the most favored gardening climates in North America for the growing of subtropical plants.  It could be called the avocado belt, as this has always been southern California's best strip for growing that crop.  Frosts don't amount to much (it's an air-drained thermal belt) and most of the time (approximately 85%) it is under the influence of the Pacific Ocean; only 15% of the time is the determining influence from the interior.  A notorious portion of this 15% is on those days when hot and extremely drying santa-ana winds blow down the hills and canyons from the mountains and deserts.
Zone 23 lacks either the necessary Summer heat or the Winter cold to grow successfully some items such as pears, most apples, most peaches.  On the other hand, it enjoys more heat than the neighboring maritime climate, Zone 24.  As an example of that difference, gardenias and oleanders are recommended for Zone 23 but not Zone 24.

In the temperature record books, most of Zone 23 fares pretty well as mildness is concerned.  But severe Winters have descended on some sections of Zone 23 at times, and the net result of this has been to make a surprisingly spread of low temperatures.  Over a twenty-year period, lows ranged from 38 to 23 degrees F.  In recorded history, the lows for different stations range from 28 to 23 degrees F"

My God... I love the Internet !

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