Why Terri and Paul Guess have Blog Pages

Our Blogs drive traffic to our Clients Homes Offered On Line!

There is a central theme to our web site.  That theme is "We spend our money... time... and efforts promoting our Listings".  Notice there is really little data about us.  The bulk of the site is about properties and clients that we are currently representing... or have successfully represented in the past.  I use our web page as part of my Teaching Curriculum and tell my students every semester... "no body is looking for an agent to help them buy a home... they are looking for a home"!

The Internet is the best tool we have ever had to expose properties to the greatest number of possible buyers.  Over 75% of the buyers today start their search on line.  If your home is listed with us... anybody looking for a home in your market place... will see your home.  They will not buy another home without considering yours... it's that simple.

If you're a real estate agent... trying to figure out how to get business on the internet... here's the secret.  Make your Properties Offered look better than the competition.  Not just a little better... embarrass the competition.  By the way... seller's now see what is being done to sell homes.  They will go on line like a buyer... and look to see who is doing the best job of on line marketing.  Do the best job for your seller... you'll sell the home... and other seller's will contact you to have the same effort put forth on their home.

So... your properties look better... now you need traffic.

Create a free standing web page for every single home.

Submit that web page to Google... Yahoo... MSN

And... this is where Blogs fit it...

Search Engines like web sites that point to other web sites.  They treat the "target site" as ... "must be valuable" other people are referring to it.

Create a Blog... not just one... several... the entire idea is traffic.

Your "Company might make Possible a Blog"

Google makes available "Blogspot.com"

Don't make "Fun" of "MySpace"... it Gets Traffic

Our Newest... and a great site is Real Estate Excellence

Then Submit every Blog to Google... Yahoo... MSN

Then join "BlogExplosion.com" or any of the many Blog Traffic Generators

Go to "iPings.com"... Ping your Blogs Everywhere

Go to "Ping-o-Matic"... Ping your Blogs Everywhere

No less than weekly... add content and repeat all of above.

Don't waste any money on "Pay per Click"... people using search engines want Content Rich Results

The Blog will have to generate exchanges of information... postings from people will increase traffic... so get controversial.  Take a stand... be accountable... get involved.

The results... your clients properties will be seen more... they will sell.

So this is why Terri and Paul Guess have Blog Pages... it keeps our clients homes at the top of search engines.  This is just one step in our marketing program... to see it in it's entirety... visit "How to Sell a Home"...

One last thing... the reason I teach... and the reason we share this information is that all agents should be doing these things.  The reason we are not worried about giving away our "Secrets"... it's too much work. 99% of the agents in this industry ... world wide... don't have the ability or willingness to do these things.  Those that do... bless you... we need more.  And ... those that do... have wonderful lives... and make incredible contributions to their clients lives.  Visit one of our blogs... vent... help our clients... and help us  :-)  If you are a student of mine... or an advocate of Excellence... please visit our latest Blog  Real Estate Excellence dedicated to Paul's Real Estate Practice Class at Mt. San Jacinto College.

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